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Delta 9 Grape Sizzurp 150mg

Delta 9 Grape Sizzurp 150mg


150mg Delta 9 THC per bottle
Certificate of Analysis here.


You read that right, we were able to cram 150mg of hemp-derived Delta 9 THC into a flavor-packed syrup! Flavored with mixing in mind, this grape flavor is perfect for adding something a little special to your favorite soda, mixed drink, or straight out of the bottle to get you that laid-back experience you were hoping for.

Suggested Use: Pour 1 – 2 capfuls of our THC sizzurp into your favorite beverage of choice and enjoy. Wait two hours before consuming more.

THC Syrup Ingredients: Sugar, Water, Natural Flavor, Glycerol, MCT Oil, Full Spectrum Industrial Hemp Distillate, Natural Color, Sucrose Ester, Vitamin E TPGS.